Elementals Exhibition                     

These paintings reflect my love of the elements that support life on our wonderful planet. Gaia, the personification of the Earth and primal Mother Earth goddess, calls for help right now for regeneration.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space can be experienced inwardly- as the density and hardness of our bones. The watery element of saliva and blood etc. the fire of bodily heat, our flowing breath of life. Also in the Space of our Awareness, as in meditation and quiet moments. They can also be experienced externally as in land, trees, oceans, streams, mists, breezes and winds, sunshine, clouds and skies.

Just to breath and relax in the changing light of natural condtions, in tame or wild places, is extraordinary.

But these elements need to be in balance and with climate change they are getting more and more out of balance.

So these paintings can be seen as a prayer for our planet. A powerful wish that we all help the planet find a new eco harmony and healing for all sentient beings and Gaia herself.